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The Best Practises For B2B Sales Outreach

Surely you are wondering: “Is it worth investing so much effort into creating this outreach strategy? ”. Worth it.

Quite often, it turns out that at the initial stage companies are not able to correctly identify (assess) their target audience. It is because they mistakenly assume that the more leads the better. But this is not the case. It should be understood that not all customers will be interested in what you offer. Therefore, it is important not to waste your time and initially focus on quality customers who are ready to get the most out of your product/service.

Therefore, with the help of a well-built outreach strategy, you can not only earn the attention and trust of your potential customers but also maximize your return on investment.

In this post, we will tell you:

  • What is sales outreach
  • Why is it important
  • Let's share efficient ways to build an effective sales outreach strategy.

What is Sales Outreach?

It is the process of interaction through social media messaging, e-mail, and phone calls not only with potential customers and also with those who have already used your product/service. The main goal of outreach is to attract new business (new customers), convince the customer to make a purchase, and involve them in cooperation.

Now it's worth going a little deeper and understanding the difference between inbound and outbound sales.

What is the Difference between Inbound and Outbound Sales Outreach?

The main difference between inbound and outbound is the origin of the leads. By understanding the key points, you can develop your unique strategy that can successfully improve your sales and, as a result, close more deals.

In Inbound, the salesperson needs little to no effort to attract customers. After all, usually, potential clients come to you. They ask for additional information after seeing an advertisement, viewing your site, writing a blog, as well as after listening to a webinar, etc. That is, in this case, advertising works for you.

In outbound sales, the opposite is true. You do your best to find and attract clients who, most likely, do not even know about the existence of your business. In outbound sales, the following methods are usually used to attract:

  • Emails
  • Cold Calls
  • Social Media Posts.

So, with the important questions sorted out, now it's time to start creating the sales outreach strategy itself.

  1. Define Your ICP in Right Way

First, let's define what an ICP is?

ICP (ideal customer profile) is a description of the customer (company) profile for which your product/service is most likely to be most suitable. Therefore, it is a great way to narrow your circle and target the audience you want.

During the creation of an ICP, the following questions may help you, such as:

  • Industry
  • Geography
  • The number of employees
  • The structure of the organization's employees
  • The size of their customer base
  • Type of product sold
  • Common goal
  • Revenue size

It is also important to remember that the more detailed and meaningful your questions are, the better your ICP will be.

  1. Choose What Buyer Personas to Contact

The next thing to do after creating an ICP is to find out what position your customer is in your company. It will greatly simplify your task when thinking about what and in what format should you write messages to your client. Therefore, it is necessary not to forget that your communication must correspond to the client's position.

  1. Determine the Best Outreach Channel

After determining which client you will be writing to, it is worth thinking about where you will communicate with him.

It should be understood that not all communication channels have the same coverage. It is important to consider your client's activity when choosing the right channel. Therefore, it is best and most effective to write to the client on the platform where he is most active instead of cold calling and sending information by email.

  1. Create a Personalized Message

Trust is one of the key aspects when making a deal with a client. But how can you win it from a client who has not previously worked with you and does not know anything? You can do this by personalizing messages. It will allow the client to feel that you are interested in helping him.

Therefore, you need to indicate in your messages the name of the company, the name of the potential client, if there is information, then the problem that he is trying to solve, and the proposed method of solving it.

It is important to understand that well-designed, personalized messages are more likely to receive a response.

  1. Document All the Information You Need for Your CRM

Information about a client or company should be written into your CRM. After all, storing all your customers' data in one place can simplify your life. After all, in the future, you will be able to continue the sale process from the place where you left off without additional search for information.

  1. Automate the process

Technology is already an integral part of sales. Therefore, it is worth experimenting with introducing new tools into your processes. One of these modern and useful tools is automation. Choosing the right automation tools can not only save you time by streamlining processes but also significantly increase your productivity.

Various automation tools can handle sending emails for you, as well as sending different required reminders. Some of the tools are also capable of doing analytics that determines how customers interact with your emails.

Surely you are wondering: “Is it worth investing so much effort into creating this outreach strategy? ”. Worth it. After all, a properly built strategy will help you increase conversions and the number of successfully closed deals.

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